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Oil & Gas Industry

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Second to none.

Petrobloq will be the first blockchain based platform developed exclusively for the supply chain needs of the Oil & Gas sector. The Upstream, Midstream and Downstream industries each have their own challenges and complexities. In utilizing blockchain to meet the supply chain needs of oil and gas producers, we anticipate that Petrobloq users will enjoy cost and time savings, increased transparency and the ability to mitigate the constantly evolving geopolitical atmosphere and market fluctuations. .

To accomplish this, we have created Petrobloq, the world’s first oil and gas industry consortium. Our revolutionary, cutting-edge platform is designed to facilitate commerce within the global oil and gas industry with ease, efficiency, and security, by harnessing the power of distributed ledger technology. Our consortium is supported by prominent oil producers and industry partners that recognize the benefits and opportunities in developing, designing, and deploying a blockchain-powered supply chain management. 

Platform Features

  • Transparency & Compliance
  • Cyber Threats & Security
  • Better Trading Efficiency 
  • Better Deals/Contracts

Key Benefits of Participation

Our members will be entitled to many benefits, such as direct participation in blockchain supply chain research, access to professional knowledge and resources, annual meetings and educational opportunities. We offer a one-stop shop for all parties involved and a platform to forge new agreements between producers, suppliers, record-keeping departments, and third-party vendors, potentially leading to reduced costs, streamlined management, and a clearer understanding of the assignments and expectations of each player on the field.



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